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Align your business objectives with your digital initiatives 

Our aim is to clarify why and how data, product and technology 

can create value for your business, both from a strategic and execution perspectives

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Let us be the catalyst of your growth


Strategic Initiatives

We identify, prioritise and execute your organic and external growth opportunities

Drive Digital Transformation

We  design and drive your digital journey to match your business objectives and focus on building future platforms while minimising efforts on legacy 

Operational Excellence

We streamline your operations to help your employees focus on your customers

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We adapt to your needs and budget



Creating value sometimes just require support from the right people at the right time.

​Our team can assist you on periods from an afternoon to a month.

Shared C-Level

Benefit from our experience to make the right choices at each step.

Our team can assist you
 from 1 day per month to 2 days per week.

Interim Management

Business is a roller coaster, but with the support of our teams, we can make sure you enjoy the journey. 

Our team can assist you full-time

from 3 months to a year.

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About us

David Ohayon

David Ohayon


Seasoned entrepreneur with a passion for digital, innovation and developing talents. David has a deep experience across industries (Travel, PropTech, Fintech, Telco...) and geographies (Europe, North-America, Asia-Pacific...), where he developed his digital expertise to drive growth and scale teams. He is now looking forward to coach entrepreneurs and investment funds portfolio companies, to create value leveraging digital and technology.

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